Cross the Finish Line

Is it the finish line or the start of something new?

It's day 10 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge and I can now see the finish line. I have found this challenge, a challenge, but in a good way. I do enjoy writing because it is a way I am able to connect with people and share experiences while looking at things from a different perspective. The hurdle I quite often face is to hold back from being too detailed ( its the engineer in me...I may of had a small relapse - did you see how long my day 9 blog is!! ) and expressing myself in an effective way so that my message is not lost, and because of this my blog post seemingly take up a lot of time which frustrates me.

I decided to participate in this challenge, because I wanted to try and tune my writing skills and also see what I can discover about myself as well and exploring how I might be able to develop some new skills. The challenge for today is to review the journey over the past ten days 

What I enjoyed most about my experience of taking part in the blog challenge?

Like I said above, I found this challenge a challenge but in a good way because I was taken outside my comfort zone to open up more about me instead of what I know. I believe everything in life can be considered a project and found that I was treating every challenge as if it was a project plan and I needed to in order to cross the finish line every day. This is something which I actually don’t mind because quite often these times quite often provide great opportunities for learning and growth.

My favourite challenge day and why.

I have two favourite challenges:
Day 2 - What does FREEDOM mean... I found writing down what freedom means form me a pivotal moment which I know will define, drive and motivate me to further develop my business and career to ensure I am able to the best of my ability have this freedom.
Day 7 - To have perfect or imperfect ACTION. As I was planing this post and worked through my thoughts and response, I rediscovered the importance of progress versus perfection. The Tony Robbins quite "winners take imperfect action while losers are still perfecting the plan” resonates deeply in me and is a very important aspect that I must make sure I exercise to achieve my goals. This is strongly related to days underlying association with crossing the finish line. 

The biggest takeaway I’ve had from the overall challenge.

There are more aspects or dimensions to my strategy which are outside of my business needs. 
The next steps are what I am going to take to make my freedom plan a reality:

For ANBA Solutions, I need to put some more work into understanding my ideal clients and their challenges so that I can add value for them in the most effective way.

For my “other” venture, I need to stick to the plan and be disciplined to put the time into it as outlined in my day 5 Success Plan post.


The Wrap Up

The ability to stake stock of where we are and what we need to do in order progress is a valuable thing to do. This applies to to us throughout our  journey in life. Students do it in preparation for their examinations and beyond and sports people do it through their training drills and preparation all the time. So as I cross the finish line and look back over the 10 day challenge, I realise that I was able to also stake stock.  I was able to remind myself of all the important and significant things which I already knew but perhaps took for granted. There wasn’t anything in there that I already did not know, however like the student or the sports person it is important to prepare and go through the training drills to be in the best shape possible cross the finish line and to succeed, and therefore it is the start of something new.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

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What do you think?

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