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ABOUT ANDREW BALDACCHINOBased in Melbourne Australia, Andrew Baldacchino has enjoyed a successful global career working for leading local and global organisations. He has worked across manufacturing, consumer goods, technical services and product development. Driven by his passion for continuous improvement and not accepting the status quo, his engineering, innovation and strategic capabilities have enabled both him and the businesses he partners with, to achieve great results.

Leveraging his natural ability in Strategy, Innovation and Risk Management, Andrew has been instrumental in not only developing technical solutions first hand, but also developing organisational capabilities, people and customer relationships that have delivered performance improvements, brand trust and profitable results.

Having qualifications in Engineering and Management, Andrew has over 20 years of experience working for multi-national and market leading organisations. He has held senior leadership and director roles to drive growth, profitability and team development for every business he partners with.

Andrew is passionate about ensuring people are engaged, respected and developed, recognising the importance of these areas to individual and collective success.


We all want success and to be successful. And this can mean different things to each of us. Often, it comes down to the satisfaction we experience with what we are doing in our life along with having the abilty to take control of our time ( which is so precious) as well as the capability to make a positive  impact.

In general, most people are skilled, motivated and have a desire to deliver great things. But are unable to achieve  them for a range of different reasons such as: clarity, focus, priority, distraction, complacency, fear and anxiety. Most people want to do better and know they can do better, but they feel lost, uncertain and don’t know how.

Having worked for global leaders, I know what core systems and tools are needed to make business operate successfully. These systems and tools are not exclusive to big business either - they can be used and applied by any size business.   Irrespective of whether you provide a product or service, success is all about delivering the right solution to your customer in the most effective way. 

The mission through ANBA Solutions is to empower business leaders and teams to take an active part in formulating their future. Progress is impossible without change.



TEP AWARD ANDREW BALDACCHINOAndrew developed a framework based on LEAN systems for office administration or business operation support areas within a business. This framework is best described as an advanced approach to product development and continuous improvement, targeting excellence in customer service, innovation, project management and personnel management. 



Award Winning TEP Andrew Baldacchino

He was recognised for his achievement receiving the SAE-Australiasian Excellence Award in 2010 when he held the position of General Manager of  Engineering and Marketing at AUTOLIV Australia.



ANBA SOLUTIONSMy family background is Maltese and many Maltese families have a coat of arms or crest. The Baldacchino Family crest features an umbrella sheltering a star. Traditionally, a Baldacchino is a canopy which is used to shelter dignitaries, royalty, noble people, popes, bishops and guests of honour and the like. This idea of protection or shelter from the elements resonates with me and is an approach which I have employed throughout my career when working, leading and developing others and solutions for my customer / clients.





These days at ANBA Solutions, I Coach, Mentor and Advise my clients so they are able to improve, scale and grow their business. I help them to be more competitive, profitable and time effective so their business simply works. So they can be sheltered from the elements of the market environment. Or in business terms, be able to identify risks and eliminate or manage them so they implement their strategies, improve, innovate and engage their people effectively.


"Andrew is a great leader with strong technical skills matched with a style that encourages product innovation and individuals to grow. " - Seamus Power, MD / CEO, Autoliv, Deloitte, Dometic, Jemena, Branach

Andrew exemplifies the leadership required to be a modern day manager. His engineering understanding and practicality is balanced by an eagerness to understand cross functional issues and find solutions that not only enhance profitability, but also leads to advanced learning " - Paul Baddeley, GM/Director, Pioneer Electronics, Britax, Fusion Retail 

His progressive leadership and mentoring philosophy, created a culture of employee engagement, empowerment and professional development. " - Justin Meredith, Engineering / Project Manager, McLaren Automotive, Ford, Britax, Futuris

A real people driver !...Andrew successfully designed and deployed the new business model and associated change strategies within in prescribed budget and time... I would not hesitate recommending Andrew to anyone – he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and great management capabilities! " - Sofie Samaras, HR Manager, Autoliv/APV, Securency/Innovia, LINK Group

" It was a pleasure to work with Andrew. His engineering knowledge and innovative traits made him a very valuable contribution to the engineering team both when it came to internal processes but also more important, when interacting with customers. " - Pierre Hultstrand, GM / Director, Autoliv


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