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Micromanagement: What is the underlying message?

The topic of micromanagement is a common talking point. It seems that we have all come across someone with this type of style.

Aside from the literal meaning which is to “control every part, however small, of an enterprise or activity” (, what does this behaviour tell us about their style, the company, the culture…?
Does it talk to the manager; is the manager unable to delegate? Is it just a power play or confidence issue? Is there a trust issue with the team/individuals? Does the manager have the required leadership skills?
Does it talk to the team; is there a capability or competency problem?
Is there a place for micromanaging? I think there is, but in very short, limited and infrequent bursts which is in the context of developing your resources. If a manager does not allow the team or an individual to think and explore for themselves, then there is very little chance they will ever learn and develop.
From my experience, micromanaging as a management style is not a sustainable option; it often results in trust issues, low morale, staff disengagement, biased decision-making and stifles innovation.






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