Do you have the success factor?

It’s not the X-Factor, it’s the Success Factor.

Success is defined as "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose" ( but how can this be achieved buy an individual, a team or a company.

What are the typical challenges that will be faced in order to taste success? 

I believe the following four factors are key (but not limited to) to achieving success and can be applied regardless of whether it is for a large scale business initiative such as a new market sector or for a business project or even a personal KPI.



What is the purposeWhat is it that needs to be accomplished?
Where is this going to take us?
Do we have a plan or roadmap?
Have we anticipated any roadblocks and if so what are the likely scenarios?



What are the prioritiesDo we know what is important?
Are we actioning the most important tasks?
Have we considered the critical resources needed?
Are we investing time for improvement?
Are we investing time for self-assessment?



How to be Engaged

Are you communicating with those around you?
Have you shared the purpose with the team?
Are you challenging your team?
Have you empowered the team?
Are you coaching and supporting your team?
Are you developing your team's capabilities?
Do you have alignment and consensus with the team and stakeholders?
Do you ask for feedback, input and ideas?



Adapt to ChangeHow well do you deal with change? 
Are you open to new ideas?
How to you cope when things do not go as planned?
Are you practising continuous improvement? 
Are you learning something every day?
Have considered contingency plans?

What do you think? 

Andrew Baldacchino
Director - ANBA Solutions

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