stepping out from the corporate world

The challenge of stepping out from the corporate world.

Working in industry was great and this is where I learned a lot and was given some fortunate opportunities to develop and grow as a professional, as a leader, as a mentor and as a person. Stepping out from the corporate world and starting a business to work for myself came with a number of challenges...However,  these challenges are probably not what you think.

When I worked for other companies, it was easy to identify myself with the role I had at the time.

Over the corporate journey, I have had the opportunity to:
- look after multi million dollar R&D budgets,
- build and develop high performing large teams,
- be responsible for multiple ( 15+) highly complex projects at anyone time,
- implementing projects delivering annual sales of > $150M,
- formulated successful business strategies to win,
- transformed and improved business processes to delver service excellence leveraging innovation, continuous improvement and LEAN in a non manufacturing environment.

When asked, what do you do Andrew? ...It was easy because I identified myself with my role or position and the company I worked for at the time. When asked, I might reply:

  • " I am an engineer at Autoliv. We are the worldwide leader in Automotive Safety System and I design and develop life saving products"


  • "I am the GM of Technical and Marketing at Autoliv. I am responsible to oversee all of the engineering activities work with our customers to deliver world class solutions"


  • "I am the Engineering Director at Britax. We make the safe n sound child safety seats and I am responsible for the overall product development, engineering and innovation activities "

Whilst I had a lot of success in the corporate space and developed a good reputation I found it quite challenging when I stepped out to work for myself and in particular found it difficult to do the following:

1. Talk about myself in the context of what I can do and how I can help or add value. It was so easy when working for a company to talk about what the company did, how I fitted in and what I did.

2. Making new connections. This is related to the above point. I find it difficult, when meeting someone new to talk about myself without sounding like an absolute tool.

3. Finding the right fish pond. When offering a physical product, I think the sell is a lot easier than when you are selling a service like business improvement. Why, because when selling a product, there is already a marketplace (albeit competitive) for it, along with distribution channels and the customer is typically on the look out for it. Where does one go when trying to sell a business service?


The Wrap Up.

So why am I writing this…Well I believe in always looking for ways to improve and develop and I am participating in Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day          


If the above sounds familiar and you want to connect with someone who understands what challenges your are facing, contact me at ANBA Solutions.
What do you think?
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