what does freedom mean

What does FREEDOM mean for you?

Freedom! What does freedom mean ? What does this mean for you? For many, freedom is linked to financial aspects of their life. They believe they can achieve freedom by working their way up the salary ladder and therefore have the ability to buy what ever they want when they want. Great in principle, but what usually happens with more money is more responsibility. More responsibility usually requires much longer working hours. 

For many, their eye is only on the value of their salary. They get to a point where, “yes" they are earning huge dollars and “yes” their family is living a comfortable life but... without them. What is the point in earning a lot of money because you believe it will bring your freedom, if you are chained to your workplace for 16 hours a day and have to work half your weekend also? You get placed into holding pattern because you blindly think you are working your way to freedom but don’t actually see that in fact you are not.

According to the dictionary, freedom means: “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants” (Ref: Oxford Dictionary)


What does freedom mean for me?

For me, freedom is the ability to:

  • provide for my family: 
  • have control of my time to be with my family: 
  • have the ability to work around the aspects of my personal life and professional life
  • the autonomy to challenge the status quo and make a positive impact to improve a situation or problem

Aside for the basic monetary aspect to be able to provide the essentials form my family, the main theme for me with respect to freedom is more linked to being able to take control of my time and with my time to be able to make a positive impact both personally and professionally. 

For most of my career, I have worked in the safety space, where some of the companies I have worked for have develop technologies which have either reduced injuries or more importantly, saved lives. From my perspective, the moral satisfaction that comes with working in this type of environment is second to none.

To have the autonomy to challenge and ask “why is this done this way” is another aspect of freedom that I see many overlook. Freedom is the ability to decide whether to stick to convention or challenge it for the greater good. "Is there a better way" is a question that gets asked a lot but never followed up on. The engineer in me is also keen to solve a problem, question whether there is a better way or identify if there is a gap that has not yet been filled. 


The Wrap Up.

Today, what does freedom mean for me ? In the personal sense is always going to revolve around the needs of my family and ensuring I take an active part in their life. In the professional sense, it is the ability to work with a range of different people and businesses to help them find ways to improve, innovate, increase sales, reduce costs and increase profits to achieve long term sustainability. Ultimately, so they can find freedom.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1





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